Captain Myles & The SPR: The Videogame is a joint effort between Pat LePoidevin and his Grade 8-9 English Language Arts classes at King's-Edgehill School in Windsor, NS. Take Myles on a walk through the SPR space ship and explore! The diary entries were each written by LePoidevin's students, allowing the story to develop collaboratively. Scroll down to stream the album while you play. Enjoy!

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Pat LePoidevin is a songwriter and performer strongly influenced by community. With an extensive songwriting resume and five albums to his name, LePoidevin has built a sizable fan base on relentless touring and standout performances at some of Canada’s most prestigious music festivals, including Halifax Pop Explosion and Dawson City Music Festival.

LePoidevin has been working on a new album to release in 2018, engaging in the topic of futurism and exploration of outer space. Captain Myles & The SPR is due to release in June, 2018, accompanied by a tour of Eastern and Atlantic Canada.



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Captain Myles & The SPR

by Pat LePoidevin

LePoidevin’s fifth record, Captain Myles & The SPR, is a concept album that follows Captain Myles and his friend Lucy, two teenagers who build a working spaceship out of junkyard scraps. Though the story of the album was motivated by the imaginations of his students, the lyrics and powerful vocals ground the record in universal experiences. Part coming-of-age, part science fiction, LePoidevin’s Captain Myles is a unique storytelling experience underpinned by his compelling vocals and uplifting guitar work.